dear sibling #2

I can’t believe you flipped out about the fighting for my mental health post! (you can find it in the May 2013 archives) I didn’t really say anything about you-I could’ve said a lot more but I chose not to. You just had to stir the pot and tell mom all about it! I tried to speak with you immediately, but you were a bitchy coward and didn’t answer. I sent you a text and you responded with attitude.

Remember that time we were all at grandma’s old place in Shakopee and we had French dips? I made a plate for Jim-we were all super sweet and cuddly-and you and your spouse tried to mimic us and failed miserably! It was so clear that you two hate each other. Especially after you confessed to Jim that you wanted to get divorced, but you stay in the marriage for kids and money.

I don’t understand why it was so hard for you to express your grief for Grace! Oh right…you and your spouse think it’s okay to suppress feelings. I mean, I knew you were angry about Grace’s death-you made that very clear.


I’m sure you knew that I would be upset when you called to tell me you were pregnant!(2013) It was kind of fishy though-cause you said you were “not trying but not using protection” and then 2 weeks later you called. I was very fragile and vulnerable at that time, and I ended up spending the night in the hospital because I was so upset. I had to pack a bag and go there to be safe from myself…it was almost Christmas, lots of stuff triggering my panic attacks and nightmares-I was re-living Grace’s death over and over.

Not even a week later you claimed miscarriage! And the weirdest part was you acted like it didn’t matter. At all.

I guess you needed to “even the score” in our competition? Apparently we are having one..why else would you feel the need to pretend to lose a baby? What a sick, sick thing to do.

After that, you seemed interested in me only if I was trying to conceive.

Jim hates you and the way you use my love as a weapon against me.

He hates your spouse for drooling over me every time we see you guys. Your spouse has been a snake in the grass of our family since THE INCIDENT(2007).

I live my life by the truth. You need to be invested in the lie, otherwise your world would fall apart.

I’m about to blow it up bitch!




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