kindness, compassion, and love

I have been gone for a long time! I almost gave up on this blog…I had to find my voice again.

Things are actually genuinely looking up for us! We are doing better health wise, I am now legally disabled, we are building more positive relationships with our families, getting out of the house more, etc. Moving to Minneapolis next year is pretty much a guarantee.

Well I finally turned Grace’s room into a guest room, although it looks more like my teenage bedroom lol. I chill in there often, reading and writing.

My grief is always evolving. It does not get better, or easier. It just changes.

Change is the only thing that’s constant, right?

Summer is upon us, and the pool is about to open. We are working on some really great lifestyle changes-wish us luck!

We really hope to make it to Twin Cities Pride this year. I’d love to share that experience with Danifae.(for those who don’t know, Jim is Danifae. I’ll explain later)

With the current political climate in my country, and also just in my personal life, I’m striving to operate from a place of compassion, kindness, and love. I see a lot of scared faces when I go out in my world.

Once I stripped down all the defensive bullshit I’ve been carrying around from years of abuse, at my core, that’s who I really am!

I am a kind, bubbly empath! I am strong and confident! I am creative, fun, and energetic. I am a lover of life.

I am safe and I am loved.
I am Grace and Jamison’s mother.



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