seven months ago

Seven months ago our lives changed forever. We were floating on a cloud of love, waiting for our beautiful daughter to come into the world. Little did we know our happy little bubble was about to be blown to bits. Unfortunately it is a real life nightmare that we both re-live over and over again.… Read More seven months ago

one day at a time

Sorry I haven’ t posted in a while. I’ve been feeling really good ever since I switched from Zoloft to Wellbutrin. I haven’t  been smoking either; apparently it is prescribed to help people quit smoking too. It’s been about 2 and half weeks but I feel worlds away from where I was. I think I… Read More one day at a time

for laura

I was thinking about my awesome sister in law Laura today so I decided to write a post about her. Jim has three siblings: 2 sisters and a brother. He is the oldest in his family, just like me. When we got married and I moved to Plainview with him, his youngest sister, Laura, was… Read More for laura

six months

Six months ago we heard those four words no expecting parent wants to hear: “there is no heartbeat”. Six months ago we endured the most horrific experience of our lives. Six months ago Jim had to watch me bleed, scream, cry and curse in a rage at the doctors as they kept telling me to… Read More six months