it’s my birthday

birthday cake
birthday cake

Hey everyone sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’m still healing from the surgery.

So today is my 33rd birthday. It is bittersweet because I had an awesome day and did everything I wanted to, yet Grace isn’t here to celebrate with me. She would be nearly 5 months old, I try to imagine what she would look like now…Jim’s family made me feel so very special today. They made my birthday. My sister in law Laura went out with us for lunch, then we saw the new Star Trek movie and it was kick-ass. We went to Caribou then picked up a cake they bought me from Cold Stone (pictured above). We went to Jim’s parents house and they sang happy birthday, we ate the cake. BONUS my brother in law Tim gave me some cash! Sweet dude 🙂 Then we visited for a while and came back home.

I saw my parents this week and it was okay. Jim tried to talk with my mom about the blog drama and she was combative. She “questions my judgment” for removing members of my family from my Facebook account. Yet they can cut me out of their lives whenever they feel it’s necessary and she supports them. Why am I held up to a different standard than my siblings? Why am I constantly dumped on, and made the scapegoat for everyone else’s shit?

The answer is because I am always willing to take responsibility for my part in things and no one else does that. So they treat me like crap.

Well guess what? Those days are over. I am standing up for myself and demanding for respect. I treat others how I want to be treated. If you can’t play by that rule, then you can fuck off.

My mom is trying, I can see it, and I give her credit for that.

She didn’t even call today to wish me a happy birthday though. She said she was going to mail me a card but I haven’t received anything.

How does that make me feel? Hmm like shit, like I don’t even matter to her.

What’s worse is a did get a b-day text from a sibling, but it turned into drama. I appreciate the thought but it should’ve just been left at happy birthday.

This blog was supposed to be about Grace and it is but it is also turning into so much more. Stay tuned.


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