am I crazy?

During my carpal tunnel surgery,I felt like Jesus on the cross, getting my palms sliced open. I was wide awake and draped so I couldn’t see anything. I practiced deep breathing and concentrated on thinking of Grace to avoid a panic attack. It worked but it was fucking creepy to be awake and feel blood… Read More am I crazy?


hey all. Just wanted to let everyone know I am having carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow and I will most likely be out of commission for six weeks. Depending on how I feel, I may blog here and there. Not really sure yet, don’t know what to expect. I had 4 panic attacks on Sunday, between… Read More update

letters to Grace

Dear Grace,                                                                                                 1/04/13 Oh my sweet baby girl, momma misses you so much! My heart hurts for you, my arms ache for you and my breasts are leaking milk for you. I am so sorry we lost you. It’s so unfair that we never got to be together. I wanted you for so long, ever… Read More letters to Grace