self care

When I went to rehab years ago, I learned all about self care and how important it is.

I take care of my love and I run my household. Contrary to what some people may believe, it is a full time job. I do all the shopping, most of the cooking, most of the household chores, all the paperwork etc. Honestly, it can be exhausting at times.

So I try to do at least 2 self care things per day. It’s because I know that if I take care of myself, it’s so much easier to manage my household and take care of Danifae.

Here are some examples of self care:
taking a bath
creating art
watching a movie

We are all so busy these days! Work, school, kids, chores, relationships…I could go on but you get the idea. It can be really challenging to find/make time for yourself.

I often start my day with a smoothie and emails. Then I’ll jump into whatever I have going on that day. If I’m home doing chores, as soon as I start to feel grumpy or in pain, I’ll take a break and do some self care. Usually it’s a bath…the bath is one of my happy places…and it can help with pain too. If I’m out and about, maybe I’ll swing by Caribou for some coffee. Sometimes all I need is a breath of fresh air.

You just gotta figure out what works for you. Everyone is different, but we all deserve to take care of ourselves. ❤

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