fathers day 2015 & Jim’s birthday

Our newest nephew Joshua William was born on June 19th! He and his momma came home on Father’s Day, and they joined the rest of us at the inlaws for BBQ and fun times ūüôā



What a beautiful feeling, to hold this sweet babe in my arms! ‚̧ Jim and I are definitely suffering from baby fever lately ūüôā

Laura & Dan gave Jim the sweetest Father’s Day card and spoke of Grace in it. ‚̧ ¬†I did laundry¬†and played with Daniel. We visited with everyone and watched Jumanji on Netflix.

When we went home, we had a movie marathon and I made meatloaf for supper.

Jim’s 32nd birthday was yesterday. His mom bought us a new computer chair and I put it together today. It’s so¬†plush and comfy-quite the change from the wooden school chair we were using. I made him a sweet birthday card and wrote a poem inside. We had his favorite supper, spaghetti with meat sauce¬†& texas toast, and¬†a little rocky road for dessert.

I recently¬†read a book by Gillian Flynn called Sharp Objects. She’s the author of Gone Girl, which I loved and read twice. Sharp Objects is the story of two dead girls and other traumatic events. It was¬†awesome, intense, and fast paced.¬†I really enjoyed it!

It did end up triggering me though, and I cried for days, thinking of my own daughter and her death.

I miss Grace all the time. Grief never ends, and it never really gets better. You just get better at coping with it.




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