Getting ready for a visit at the inlaws. Feeling pretty good so far, it should be a fun time. I love them and almost always enjoy their company. I plan to take some pics too; we have a niece, a nephew, and a nephew who will be born any time now on that side of… Read More Easter


I had a daughter, her name was Grace she had the most beautiful face. for nine months I carried her inside, until the awful day she died. My baby girl never breathed the open air I feel so lost and it’s so unfair. when she was born she was already gone since that day I’ve… Read More poem

a father’s pain:the birth from Jim’s eyes

I have heard some fathers express to me that they didn’t feel particularly connected to their first child during the pregnancy, when the tiny person could only be experienced through light kicks, second hand recounting of movements from their wife, and blurry ultrasound photos where a head is only slightly distinguishable from a butt. It’s… Read More a father’s pain:the birth from Jim’s eyes