dear grace

Dear Grace, I miss you so much baby girl!!!!I think about you every single day…I find myself wondering what you would look like now. You would be almost 20 months today…walking and talking…what would your first word be? what would your laugh sound like? would you have blond hair like when I was small or… Read More dear grace

another sunday

Last night was incredibly rough. I broke down and cried so hard for Grace. I wailed and screamed “I miss her” and “why did she have to die?” I took her urn out (something we rarely do) and we held her ashes and cried together. I seriously do not understand how parents ever heal from… Read More another sunday

letters to Grace

Originally posted on Losing Grace:
Dear Grace,                                                                                                 1/04/13 Oh my sweet baby girl, momma misses you so much! My heart hurts for you, my arms ache for you and my breasts are leaking milk for you. I am so sorry we lost you. It’s so unfair that we never got to be together. I wanted…