Originally posted on Losing Grace:
I had a daughter, her name was Grace she had the most beautiful face. for nine months I carried her inside, until the awful day she died. My baby girl never breathed the open air I feel so lost and it’s so unfair. when she was born she was already…

I’m back

Well I did it. I finally got rid of the majority of baby stuff. I kept the crib, some blankets and clothing. I guess I’ll probably keep them forever. I just couldn’t bear to part with them. We got our Molly Bear a few months ago. We love her┬áso much! My arms got sore the… Read More I’m back

it’s hard

This shit is so fucking hard! I’ve started going through and getting rid of some baby stuff. What I couldn’t donate to Goodwill I asked my inlaws to donate to their church or something-but they hung on to it. They think we will change our minds or get pregnant without planning it. This is honestly… Read More it’s hard


  Here is an anonymous post from a fellow loss mom who lost her son @ 35 weeks in November-she didn’t know she was pregnant-she thought she may have been miscarrying and was shocked to find out her baby was nearly full term. She is still a mother, and she needs support.   I’m really… Read More bitter