fighting for my mental health

Losing Grace

I have been fighting soul crushing waves of depression and anxiety.

Some days I literally have to force myself to get out of bed and live my life.

I just started Zoloft (anti-depressant) and Ativan (anti anxiety) last week.

Grace’s death was incredibly traumatic for me. Unfortunately I have a lot of bad shit in my past that I need to deal with as well.
I’m haunted by my teen years. So many terrible things happened to me between ages 12 and 20.
I was molested by a family friend, a man my parents trusted to babysit my sister and I.
My parents abused drugs and often neglected me. I do not know how my siblings remember this time, they were quite young. I can tell you that clean clothing and hot meals were not a priority.
We rarely saw dentists and were lucky to get medical care when it…

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