I’m back

Well I did it. I finally got rid of the majority of baby stuff. I kept the crib, some blankets and clothing. I guess I’ll probably keep them forever. I just couldn’t bear to part with them.

We got our Molly Bear a few months ago. We love her so much! My arms got sore the first few weeks we had her. She’s nearly 10 pounds.

I put one of my favorite pieces of clothing on her.

So now the crib is filled with stuffed animals, blankets and Gracebear.



DSCN0766 (2)

I haven’t posted in a long time because I was debating shutting my blog down. I’ve decided to try and revive it!!

Jim and I are doing okay. Our health issues continue to worsen. Jim’s got hip pain that won’t go away. He’s had it for weeks now, and some days it’s so bad that he can’t get out of bed.

I found a great doctor in the cities, and I’ve been going to a pain clinic as well. They did some MRIS on my back and neck. Apparently they are both horribly misaligned, which explains the pain. They gave me a steroid epidural, which didn’t seem to work, but they’re going to do another one. If that doesn’t work, my best option is physical therapy. So this will be my third round of PT in the last 3 years.

We are on a waiting list for housing in the cities, but who knows how long it will take to actually get housing. In the meantime, we make monthly trips so I can see my doctor.

I turned 36 last week. I had a lovely day! Jim and I went out for dinner, and I bought a new dress. But at the end of the day I cried. I cried because we’re supposed to have a beautiful 3  and a half year old little girl running around. I cried because Jamison would be a little over 1 now. I cried because our home is so quiet. So quiet.

So Grace’s room is more or less a storage room now. Her crib is in the corner, with all the toys and Gracebear. I have no intentions of taking it down or getting rid of it.

We’re going to the Dells for a week in July. I’m really looking forward to it. We haven’t gone on vacation since we went to Alabama.


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