Here is an anonymous post from a fellow loss mom who lost her son @ 35 weeks in November-she didn’t know she was pregnant-she thought she may have been miscarrying and was shocked to find out her baby was nearly full term. She is still a mother, and she needs support.


I’m really bitter right now. Bitter because I saw yet another GoFundMe circulating on FB. For a friend who broke their leg in a scooter accident.
I’m bitter because we’re struggling. Because I can’t work, we have roommates taking advantage of the situation and leeching off us, putting our housing at risk and my fiance is single handedly trying to support this household.
I’m bitter because in the wake of our loss we had tons of ppl say “let us know if we can do anything to help” but most of them don’t answer when I call and none of them will help with what we really need; help with financial burden.
I don’t need help cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. I don’t need someone to bring me flowers or a pack of donuts. I don’t need cards or visits where I just feel obligated to entertain while exhausted as opposed to whatever joy or relief they thought their visit would bring.
We need money. Take what you’re gonna spend on whatever “cheer me up” items you buy and give us the cash instead. Because I look at that bouquet of flowers and think “huh, that could’ve got us a half tank of gas for my fiance to get to work”. You think you’ve done your good deed then when you leave I dig thru the couch where you sat to see if maybe some change dropped so we can get a can of cat food.
Where’s my GoFundMe? Where’s my benefit show? Where’s alllll these people who know exactly how much we’re struggling to rally together and lift the financial burden.
That’s right. They’re too busy raising money for the cool, popular kid with the busted leg…
I’m bitter.


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