dear sibling #3

You were the first person I called from the hospital when we found out Grace was dead.

What a big mistake that was! You were of no comfort to me; you just kept saying that you didn’t know what to say.

I invited you and your spouse to Grace’s memorial.(2013) It seemed okay at first, but then I heard you ask my mother in law if I had been “difficult to deal with” during this horrific, nightmarish time. My mother in law was literally speechless and had no clue what you were talking about. Why? Because I’m actually a really easy going person, kind and gentle.

My attitude is a direct result of how I am treated. So if I was “difficult to deal with” in the past, it’s because I was treated badly.

How fucking rude of you to come to my daughter’s memorial and ask such a question! What the fuck is wrong with you??

You try to put up a front, like you’re a good person, but you’re really just a poisonous bitch. Bitter and jealous. Bitter because you jumped into kids and marriage when you were just a kid yourself. Jealous of my marriage and how Jim worships me.

I once heard you ask your spouse why he married you, and he replied “because you’re beautiful and you’re a bitch”. Not because he loves you. How sad.

In fact, after you got pregnant with your first, there was no talk of you two getting married. Not until after The Incident.(2007)

You told Jim you wanted a divorce, but that it’s too expensive and you don’t want it to affect your kids.

So why did you just have another baby? Maybe you are trying to replace Grace.

And why have you been treating my mom like shit? You go to visit your inlaws and can’t even spare ten minutes to visit her?

How could you be so heartless??

Cause you’re a mean girl. You’re a bitch.






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