memorial day part 2

This year, Memorial Day happened to fall on my father in law’s birthday. We always grill and chill over at their place; good times are had by all.

Jim didn’t go because he was ill and in bed, so I went by myself. It’s not something I have done a lot in the past, but I am feeling much more comfortable and confident in myself, so I don’t mind hanging without Jim. (of course, we prefer doing everything together 🙂

I ended up spending like 6 hours over there! I has such a great time-chatting with everyone, helping clean up, playing games.

I received many compliments on my new haircut.( I gave myself a Miley-ish cut the day before) I gave our niece Thea a trim to even out the cut her mama gave her.




I spent a lot of time talking to Lisa, Jim’s sister. She is expecting her 6th child any day now!

Her current youngest, Daniel, just turned 2. I expected him and Grace to be BFFs. I also expected Thea to make them her bitches! She is very bossy, intelligent, and wonderful. 🙂

Thea has told her grandma that she has seen an angel at church before. I don’t know if it’s true, but they did say that no one could see who Thea was pointing at and talking to. Thea also made this comment to Jim last year: ” I wish I was dead so I could be with Grace in heaven.” I think that’s really sweet! You might feel disturbed by that comment, but don’t worry, she isn’t suicidal.

Honestly, I just want to peacefully coexist with my family when it comes to our differences. Yesterday we were out and about with Mary and Liz. On the way home, they tried telling us about this Jade Helm 15 thing they’ve been hearing/reading about.

It was humorous, because the more they tried to convince us it was real, the more ludicrous they sounded! At the end of the exchange Jim’s mom said (with all seriousness) : “Jim, I just want you to know that, when they come to our door and put guns to our heads and say, deny Christ, your father and I will not deny him. So they will kill us”.

They try, so hard, to make us seem like the “crazy ones”. Each time they just end up looking crazier to me!

In my humble opinion, organized religion=brainwashing. The more I learn about religion, the more this makes sense to me.

In closing, I had a lovely day with my family on Memorial Day, and I look forward to many more grill and chill days this summer.


memday5   memday3  memday2








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