My Birthday

I turned 35 on 18th! It’s kind of crazy, because not too long ago, I never thought I would live to be 30. Let alone 35.

Jim and I celebrated off and on for a week because he said it’s a big deal to turn 35!

As always, Jim’s family celebrated my special day and gave me a lovely card with butterflies on the cover. How sweet!

On the 17th we were able to go out and enjoy a free birthday meal at our favorite spot. We saw Pitch Perfect 2 and wandered around Barnes and Noble; it was pretty stormy that day. On the 18th we kind of just laid low and chilled at home. I gave Jim his first cosmetology lesson and he colored my hair! I’m seriously impressed with his skills already; he’s a great student 😀 He cooked for me and pampered me all day.

This week we had a lot going on. I contacted the law firm and am waiting to find out if they will take our case. The person I spoke with was very kind and polite.

I’m not going to stop until I find a firm that will take the case. There is nothing in my way now.

I’ve been working on organizing The Room. I’ve been using it as a storage space so I’m going through stuff and cleaning. All of Grace’s things are in there. It’s hard to do but needs to be done. We love her so much and miss her all the time. It’s so unfair that we have to live our lives without our precious babies; Grace and Jamison.

I got fitted for a special knee brace that will mimic the surgery I NEED but am REFUSED. I should have it in 2 to 3 weeks. It  may be intolerable due to my fibromyalgia, but I’m willing to try anything! My  daily pain levels are between a 7 & 10.

Today is my grandma’s birthday and she turned 76! I gave her a call and we chatted for a while. It was nice to catch up each others lives and she is putting together a package for us. I’m really looking forward to that!

But the best part of today was when I called my mom! We had a fight a while back, so it was amazing to talk with her for over an hour about all kinds of stuff. We’re going to see her in 2 weeks-can’t wait!

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