mother’s day 2015

I haven’t posted in a long time! Things are actually starting to look up for Jim and I.

I’ve finally figured out the right combination of stuff to start losing real weight. I have to eat a lot of veggies! Exercise is still a challenge for me because of my bad knee. I’m looking forward to the pool opening this summer-I love to swim and it doesn’t hurt like walking or aerobics does. And yoga is still awesome!

We haven’t been able to find a place in the cities, but it’s okay because we realized we actually don’t want to move there. What we need is our own car, so we can travel there when we want to. It’s not something we can do right now, but who knows what can happen in the future?

This Mother’s Day we went over to the inlaws for a BBQ. When I walked in the door, our niece Thea, who is 6, gave me a carnation. She explained to me that she knows I am a mother because of Grace. It was really sweet.

We spent the day eating delicious food and visiting with everyone. It was fun! I really enjoy being part of such a big, loving family. I played with our nephew Daniel, who is 2 now. He’s starting to talk, and, he still adores me, even though we don’t see each other as much as we used to.

But honestly, the best part of the day was when my mother in law and I decided to finally print the retouched photos of Grace! We’ve been meaning to do it for some time…I need to get some nice frames for them. We have photos of Grace all around our apartment, but we really love the retouched ones because she almost looks alive in them.

Well, I am turning 35 in 6 days! I’ll post again after that. 🙂 love you guys!



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