Father’s Day 2014/ Jim’s 31st

Mother’s Day was all about me, so of course Father’s Day was all about Jim. It’s kinda cool because in May I get Mother’s Day and my birthday, and June is Father’s Day and Jim’s birthday.

Father’s Day I made him whatever he wanted to eat and he chose chicken fried rice and strawberry cream cheese wontons. Then we went over to the inlaws to visit. It was a nice sunny day and I got my first sunburn of the season. I played with baby Daniel a lot so I had a great time, and Jim did too. We adore that kid so much because he is only 4 months apart from Grace and I totally envisioned them being the best of friends (and cousins of course, he’s our nephew). He’s about 15 months now and so cute! He just loves to see us and feel all our baby love 🙂

Yesterday was Jim’s 31st birthday. We celebrated by seeing 22 Jump Street and going out for dinner with Jim’s sister  Laura and her new hubby Dan. They just got married about 2 weeks ago ❤ The four of us get along pretty good, especially the guys cause they share a love of anime and manga.

After our miscarriage in April, we put baby-making on hold. My left knee has been giving me a lot of grief so I had it x-rayed.( I dislocated & fractued it 12 years ago; it was bad; I had surgery and had to learn how to walk again) I was under the impression that I would need a knee replacement. So I started some birth control. I met with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday, and they told me to lose more weight to see if that helps first and come back in three months. (I’ve been working hard on getting more healthy and have lost about 23 lbs. in 2 months, yay me) Three months?????? I thought we were gonna schedule the surgery right then and there!  Wait another three months and then maybe we can schedule it?? I need to have another baby!!

I’m really stressing about this and might get a second opinion. Or just get pregnant!!! ❤

We’ll talk and figure out our next step.

Grace has been gone for almost 18 months, and some days it still feels like yesterday. And I’m back in that dark place, in that raw pain. It’s like having your heart ripped out and stomped on.

Looks like I’m back to one day at a time. If I can’t manage that, then one hour at a time….




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