happy easter grace

I have been keeping to myself a lot lately, and I know people have probably lost interest in my blog. Some things have happened in our lives that I can’t talk about.

We have been struggling to conceive and it’s been tough for me. Deep down Jim is terrified of having another baby. There’s been some back and forth on the subject, and it’s been challenging.

Jim is doing well and recovering from his psychotic episode and stint in the hospital. He seems to be getting back to his old self again and it’s really great!

We have decided to start looking into moving to the cities. We are unhappy in Plainview and with the Mayo clinic. We just don’t trust them enough to have another birth there. Plainview is very isolating, especially with no car and no public transportation. I truly miss the cities and would love to move back to Minneapolis.

Today is Easter and we went over to the inlaws. It was okay; we didn’t stay very long.  There were a lot of people and it was overwhelming for me. I get anxious and uncomfortable sometimes.

We still continue to talk about Grace all the time, and do little rituals in her honor. We have been to a few Compassionate Friends meetings, and I really enjoy going. It’s nice to sit with other parents who have lost children and not feel judged.

I guess we are just gonna keep on keepin on. It’s Sunday, so when the sun goes down I will light candles for Grace like I do every Sunday.

Happy Easter baby. Mom and Dad love you so much ❤


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