I miss her

I have weaned off wellbutrin. I am no longer taking any psychiatric drugs.

I have been experiencing a lot of muscle/joint pain in the past few months and have been to a few different doctors. They have ruled out rhuemetoid arthritis and fibromyalga  but still cannot explain the high inflammation in my body.

We’ve been drinking a little here and there. I don’t see a problem with it.

I have ended friendships with people who proved to be assholes after Grace’s death.

Most days I feel pretty good. I don’t cry or feel sad as often as I used to. Getting the tattoo has really helped me in my grief.

But other days it hits me like a ton of bricks how much I miss her.

I think the worst part is yet to come: Christmas time, her birthday and New Years.

I hope we can get through those times.


One thought on “I miss her

  1. oh hun I want to say how much i commend you for weaning yourself off of the meds. i too done it and at first was so scared that i shouldn’t have, but i am glad i did. I feel so much better. the withdrawals were awful. what has helped me is a great support system with hubby and church. i also help in outreaches, do gardening and photography. my blogging helps. also seeing ur blog helps me feel as if i am not going thru this alone (as a mother)

    also i wanted to say it is hard sometimes. one day u feel so great and then the next it all breaks loose. this will be my first christmas and thanksgiving without him too. we will get thru this!

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