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I am really neglecting my blog lately…it’s getting harder for me to come up with topics to write about.

We went to our first support group this week. It’s called Compassionate Friends and they meet once a month. It’s for any parent who has lost a child. We all sat in a circle, introduced ourselves and talked about our dead children. Of course I broke down and cried while talking about Grace. I just gave a few basic facts. I figure the more I warm up, the more I will tell. We were the youngest people there.; if I had to guess I’d say everyone else was in their 50s. Only one other mom had experienced stillbirth.She lost 3 sons, 2 of them to stillbirth! She lives in the same town as us too.

They gave us a folder filled with resources; pamphlets on how to deal with your loss, one for family and friends , a newsletter, some phone numbers we can call for support, and a sweet poem in a frame.

They welcomed us with open arms and seemed to really understand what we are going through.

It felt so good to be around parents just like us.

Not only was it okay to talk about Grace, but no one squirmed or avoided eye contact.

We are definitely going back!

Here’s a link to their website:


3 thoughts on “support group

  1. I am so glad u found a support group where you can talk about your angels and your feelings. I wish there was a support group for me nearby. there needs to be more of these groups!

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