seven months ago

Seven months ago our lives changed forever. We were floating on a cloud of love, waiting for our beautiful daughter to come into the world.

Little did we know our happy little bubble was about to be blown to bits.

Unfortunately it is a real life nightmare that we both re-live over and over again.

Seven months ago the world, for the most part, was wonderful.

In the past seven months I have ended friendships because people were rude to me  or ignored me when Grace died. Or worse, actually had the balls to scream “you don’t have PTSD! there is no way you could!” at me. Really? Hmm so giving birth to death doesn’t qualify as traumatic? Go fuck yourself!

I guess when shit hits the fan, you find out who your real friends are.

In  the past seven months, I have discovered and been welcomed into a huge online community of moms just like me.

I have to say that losing Grace has tested and ultimately strengthened our marriage.

Mom and Dad love you so much Grace. You matter and we will always carry you in our hearts and minds.


2 thoughts on “seven months ago

  1. Happy 7 months darling Grace, beautiful baby girl.

    I can relate to much of what you are saying. I’m sorry people have been insensitive assholes, and I am glad to have met you.

    As an outsider looking in, I can see how much Grace has, and is, guiding you to such big, amazing, positive changes.

  2. Happy 7 months to your sweet baby Grace. I have had the misfortune to run into some very insensitive people since our Clara died, but I’ve also met more than my fair share of really wonderful people who have been so kind and caring. The assholes stick in your mind more easily, but I try to remember and focus on the kind people.

    Sending you love!

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