I saw Grace last night

Jim and I went to my friend’s house, the one couple I have referred to a few times in previous posts. I hadn’t seen them since right before I quit drinking. I missed them so much and didn’t realize how important they were to me until they were gone.

Little did I know my friend was devastated by my daughter’s death. He took it very hard, even though we weren’t even talking at that point, and hadn’t talked in like 3 years.

We played a game called Cards Against Humanity. It’s like Apples to Apples. My husband had, in his hand, these three words: fetus, placenta, and dead babies. As the game progressed the black cards referenced a lot of things that had happened in my life. Then that dead babies card moved itself from the table to a spot on the couch right beside me. It seemed Jim and I could sense Grace in the house with us.

We were lying in the guest bedroom which is painted a lovely purple hue. I had such a hard time falling asleep and it’s weird because I was like passing out on the couch. But when I got in that bed I got a rush of energy and Jim did too so we talked for a bit.

Later I was half asleep in the dark. I opened my eyes , looked up, and saw her! She was a mass of baby size white/purple light, and she waved at me. I could feel her vibes vibrating my body, or something.

Silly of me to forget how psychic I am! It runs in my family and I’ve had it my whole life. I have accurately predicted stuff and to be honest, I knew Grace was going to die my entire pregnancy. I referred to her as an “angel” in my journal when I was in my first trimester. You can ask Jim, I was always terrified she would die. Sadly I was right.

Her message was loud and clear last night:I am always with you mommy.


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