sex post-baby

“I know that he thinks I’m beautiful and that, in turn, makes me feel more desirable and more willing to have sex.”

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I know that this topic is racy but I don’t really care! It’s my blog and I do what I want.

Most doctors say wait at least six weeks to have sex after giving birth. My wound was extremely extensive so we didn’t even try until about 8 weeks or so. It was painful. I had to take a pain killer before any nookie.

I tried Mirena for 6 weeks but I didn’t like the bizarre feeling of a foreign object in my body so I had it removed. Jim also mentioned he could feel it poke him during certain positions. I’m taking the pill for now.

Now I am a little over three months postpartum. The last time we made love we busted the wound open a bit. It didn’t hurt but it bled for a while. We are laying off intercourse until we know the pill is effective.

I have heard some women say sex after baby gets better, and I agree. I wonder if it’s because maybe it’s been so long since you had any !
I lost my sex drive completely in my third trimester and sex was very painful. Jim has no complaints though. 🙂

We can’t wait to have our rainbow baby. I have got to get healthy first though. Our goal is end of summer. I need to get my mind right and my body in good shape.


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