disturbing facts

The patient was admitted to the family birth center for induction of labor secondary to intrauterine fetal demise at 41 weeks gestation.

The patient’s labor was induced with IV Pitocin. She progressed to complete dilation without complications. She pushed for greater than 3 hours. Due to maternal exhaustion, both forceps were used to ensure vaginal delivery. The vacuum was also applied but did not hold suction. The delivery was complicated by difficult fetal extraction and shoulder dystocia which was relieved with McRoberts, suprapubic pressure, and multiple maneuvers including the delivery of the posterior arm and Wood’s corkscrew. A stillborn female was delivered over a third degree perineal laceration (grade 3C) and a right mediolateral episiotomy. Mother was in stable condition at the conclusion of the procedure. When the patient met appropriate criteria, she was transferred to the post partum floor.

The remainder of her postpartum course was uncomplicated. She was dismissed to home with precautions and instructions to take stool softeners for 6 weeks.

That’s straight from the dismissal paperwork I received. Pretty gruesome yet factual.

I had a mirena IUD placed inside at my 6 week checkup. I did not like it though, so yesterday I had it removed. I am now taking birth control pills because in a few weeks I am going under again for carpal tunnel surgery. I need to recover from that, they say it takes six weeks. We are hoping we will be ready, emotionally and physically, to try again. For a rainbow baby. We kind of go back and forth on that topic. Some days we feel ready; other days we aren’t so sure. The clock is ticking, I will be 33 in May. But we have time. Just like AA, we are taking things one day at a time.

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